Dado Card – The New Card for Business

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Dado Cards – The new card for business

Dado – 28/05/2018

CEO and founder of Melbourne based app: Dado Card – The new card for business – a phone app simplifying the process of exchanging contact details, decided to test the ‘technology’ he was replacing by committing to exchanging only business cards with people he met saying that Electronic cards offer versatility and meet the needs of the new world that the old technology can’t do.

 “I was dubious as to how it would go” said Chris Potts, my research told me that more than 50% of people would forget to bring their business cards with them, and of those who did remember them, half would never do anything with that business cards they received.

Counter to this, at a student career networking evening, I used my app to exchange my email and linkedin details with 12 students. Majority of which have since contacted me in both mediums.

 “The only business cards I have are for my full time job, I recently changed title so I am currently waiting for new ones to arrive” was his first hurdle. “The cards I had for my business were already outdated, as I was in the process of changing my social media handles, again a reprint was required”.

 “In the end, with only business cards that were of no use to me, I have been limited to receiving other peoples.” He said. After collecting two cards, he committed the time to sitting down (at his local cafe) and copying the details from the business cards into his phone book. “It took time, but I know if I hadn’t saved them into my phone I would have lost the cards.

 “What struck me as the most limiting feature was that the people were restricted to sharing the details they selected when printing the cards. I would love to connect with one of them on social media (linkedin and their facebook page) however their business cards didn’t have these details.”

 “It is amazing” he said, that something as simple as a business card has survived this long in the new world. That startups looking to disrupt this market are doing so with a purely electronic version of old technology. The ebusiness card will be different, for a start it isn’t printed, so it really doesn’t need to resemble a card, and it must be flexible. With so many different social media platforms, we don’t want to share the same details with everyone we meet.” The new card for business will be electronic, and like the changing world, it needs to bring a social and our business together.


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Notes for Editors

About Dado – A Melbourne based start up has recently launched that recognises that the world has changed. Our social media handles are as important as our physical address, and we want to share these with our acquaintances as well those traditionally covered by business cards. No person we meet is the same, and as such we want the flexibility to connect with people in different ways. Dado allows this, it is the new card for business


For more information please contact:

Chris Potts

CEO & Founder

0428 204 303



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